How to #StayHotLookCool this Summer?


Can I just tell you that I love summer despite the heat, sweat and hassle that it brings? Come on! I know I’m not the only one that’s in love with Summer! I know you, too!

But since this weather is dry, hot and humid, I know that we’re also looking ways to hydrate ourselves. Gladly, I found my way of hydrating myself this summer and I wouldn’t have done that without my Slide Bottle Tumbler from Kujaku!


If you are looking for a tumbler that’s handy, cool and can maintain the hotness or coldness of your drink for the whole day, then check this Kujaku Slide Bottle Tumbler!

I am so happy that I discovered this one and I loved how it really maintains the coldness of my drink. It’s like my drink just came out of the freezer every time I drink my cold water and juices, plus its easy to carry-around because it’s handy and its color shouts happiness, perfect for someone like me who gets irritated when things get dry and hot.

lemon water.jpg

So how are we gonna #StayHotLookCool this Summer with Kujaku? It’s easy and I am going to share you my favorite cooling drink.

All you need is a lemon and water! (You can also add some fruits if you want.) So there, simply slice a lemon, a few slices of it will do, add it to your water and you’re good to go!

Lemon Water will always be my favorite go-to hydrating and cooling drink because of its wonderful benefits to my body. Did you know that drinking Lemon Water everyday increases your Vitamin C intake? That’s great because Vitamin C is what we need especially in this kind of hot weather. Plus, it doesn’t just hydrate your body, it hydrates your dry and dull skin too! (These are just a few benefits of Lemon Water, so if I were you, go and give Lemon Water a try!)


So what are you waiting for? Let’s all #StayHotLookCool this Summer with Kujaku!

Check out all their products and like their Facebook page: #StayHotLookCool (click the link, hotties!)

Remember to always #StayHotLookCool with Kujaku! πŸ˜‰






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