The Beauty of Puerto Galera

Its been two-weeks already since our last family trip to Puerto Galera and now, I can finally write it all down.

I am excited to visit the said island because most of friends told me that it possesses one of the best beaches here in the Philippines and to be honest, I’ve been to a few beaches in the Philippines but so far this is really the best!

We left our home around 6:00AM, on a Friday and conquered the traffic that’s brought by the Friday morning rush. Stayed on the road for 1-2 hours until we reached the Batangas Port. Honestly, its my first time to ride a “roro”. To those who doesn’t know it, “roro” is a big boat that has the capacity to carry around 50 passengers. The fare is really low, for only P30.00 – P50.00 you can avail a ticket that will take you to the beautiful island of Mindoro.

18519728_833443350140709_8937389847699892510_n On the way to White Beach, Puerto Galera, I didn’t had a “sea-sick”. The waves are calm and you’ll definitely enjoy the view of the sea plus you’ll be amazed by how blue the water is.

Upon reaching White Beach, Puerto Galera, we headed to our resort. We checked in at Dreamwave Beach Resort. (For the hotel rates, you can check them out here.) Since we’re a total of 12, we rented 3 rooms with 4 persons per room. The hotel is nice and the room is really spacious. It also offers free breakfast from 6am-10am. I am not recommending this hotel if you wanted a hotel where you can do a lot of things because they’re not like that. I’d recommend this hotel if you only wanted to have a place to stay and a good security for your belongings. Besides, you’re already in the beach and the night life is really what everyone’s looking forward to, so why stay in the hotel the whole day, right?


This is the view from our hotel. Pure bliss, I know.

We arrived around 1:00nn and immediately checked-in and had our lunch at the hotel. Since I am already in love with the beach, I immediately searched for a spot where there’s not too much people and luckily our hotel isn’t far away from the quiet place of White Beach. I started my #photoshootvacay immediately.


Swimsuit: Pop Culture (Trinoma) | Sunnies: Sunnies Studios


Who wouldn’t fall in love and with the beauty of the sea? I know, right.

We took a rest and around 5pm, we started dipping at the sea. The sea just feels right, salty enough to give me the glow I need.





Swimsuit: Pop Culture (Trinoma) | Sunnies: Sunnies Studios

I had no shame while posing and just being there at the moment. I really enjoyed the presence of the sun, sand and salt on my skin. I also loved how they gave me the glow I achieved in that photos. Truly, the beach suits my skin and my skin is loving it so much! (I need to get back there, stat!)



Our first day has been so far so good and I even had the chance to jam with this band from the Coco Aroma Bar. The Coco Aroma Bar is so far my favorite because it’s so chill and kinda far away from the *~loud~* music from those bars along the main part of White Beach.

Day 2

I thought its gonna be a boring day because we don’t have any itinerary. I can’t believe that we didn’t had any plan for that day, luckily, our relatives agreed to have a land tour around. It’s not a good idea to just stay around the beach for the whole day, so yeah, we spend our morning at the other tourist spot in Puerto Galera.

For the land tour, we were able to negotiate with a jeepney owner to tour us around the island for around P3,000.00. Not bad really, but in that package, it doesn’t include the entrance fees yet.


First stop, TAMARAW FALLS.

Again, another first for me. When my friend told me about Tamaraw Falls, I immediately asked my relatives if we can go there and yes, we went there. We even had the chance to take a bath there. The water is so fresh and my skin loved it so much. (I think I really need a nature-break vacation, my skin is loving it all.)


When we went to Puerto Galera, my skin is full of blemishes and redness because of the heat but on my first 2 days there, I seldom wore make-up (who wears make-up at the beach anyway) and obviously, you can see in this pic how happy and fresh my skin is. SML.


The entrance to Tamaraw Falls costs around P30.00 and you can rent a gazeebo (I’m not sure if that’s what they call it) and you can have your lunch there. We stayed there from 11:00 – 1:00PM and I swear its one of the best places I’ve ever been. I immediately fell in love with its views, the cold and fresh water and you’ll find yourself questioning, “Where does this good water came from?”. Mother Nature is really amazing. I am out of words.



SECOND STOP, The Overlooking

You will just be amazed to see how wonderful the Philippines is. This is my exact thoughts when I am just sitting there in a bar with an overlooking. This is the part where I realized that my country isn’t bad at all and I know that I have still many more islands, mountains and beaches to see. (AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR IT.)



THIRD STOP, The Virgin Island

The Virgin Island is also a beach but with less people. So if you want a relaxing beach, then I recommend you’ll drop by here. Sadly, we didn’t had a chance to go down the Virgin Mary statue. But atleast we got to see that kind of view.

FOURTH STOP, Mangrove.

Only my parents were able to check-out the Mangrove because we were all so tired already.



Aside from swimming and roaming around the beach, you can also get your henna tattoo for a minimum of P150.00 and get your hair braided for a price range, P100.00-P300.00 (quite expensive, I know but its worth-it. Plus, I can’t do that on my hair.)


Night life at the beach.


The must-try Mindoro Sling

During the night, we just spend most of it at the beach.

I had the chance to drink Mindoro Sling with my little sisters and we just talked about life. It was Dani and Ginny’s first time to drink liquor, good thing they did it with me.

The last night is my favorite because I got to stay near Coco Aroma Beach again and just listened to spoken poetry while laying at the sand and drinking. It’s one of the best thing ever. I even asked my sisters to join me swim at 12mn and they did. They’re all game.

That’s it. I haven’t done a blog entry that’s like this in a while. I am looking forward for more travel and adventures. I know I haven’t explore more of Puerto Galera but maybe soon I’ll come back again.


Me and my brother. Yup, we definitely love this place.

2017, please more travel, please.

Lastly, I love you Philippines and I wanna explore you more.

(Here’s the link to the video I made of our Puerto Galera trip.)


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